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  • Restock Notifications

    Get notified of the latest restocks, shock drops or raffles by our lightning fast monitors. We monitor sites such as Nike, Supreme, Off-White, Caliroots and 100+ other sites being monitored 24/7. With monitors such as SNEAKRS Hunt you'll never miss a scratch drop and you'll always know what picture to scratch.

  • Carts & Auto-Checkout

    No more waiting in queue on Adidas. Our admin team sends out tons of carts into our group on every drop! Just pick a size and place your order. Won't be home for Supreme or Palace? No worries, we'll place your order for you. We mainly run slots on these sites but in-group exclusive slots on sites such as Footlocker or YeezySupply tend to happen.

  • Early Info, Bypasses & Guides

    Our members get access to early links, stock numbers, sitelists, discount codes and group buys for some of the most coveted bots. With a 24/7 ticket support system and an active staff team we aim to provide you with the info needed for every release. With quicktasks for Cyber, Wop, SoleAIO and PD, it's easier to snipe restocks.


What is AutoSnkr?

We're a group offered through the Discord app and are dedicated to helping our members highly increase their chances of securing limited releaes with the help of the latest implementations of sneaker purchasing automation.

Am I guaranteed to get my hands on every release?

Even though our members have great success and are continuously one step ahead with the latest releases, we can't guarantee that you'll increase your success. It's all dependant on how much time you decide to spend taking advantage of the features and the info we provide.

How do i become a member?

Since our membership quantity is fairly limited we are usually sold out. We only restock in selected amounts to remain the quality of the group. To be up to date with our next restock, make sure to follow us on our Instagram @AutoSnkr for any updates.

Are there any guarantees with Auto-Checkout or Carts?

We can't guarantee that your slot will be successful or that you'll get a cart every drop. This is because sites sometimes make changes and errors happen which is beyond our control. We've had great success even since before our launch and our team has formed a service with years of knowledge in the sneaker scene. Visit our instagram and check our success highlights.

What is a site monitor and how do I use it?

A site monitor is basically a script that constantly checks the backend of a website and scans for new releases or restocks. In our case we have monitors for 100+ sites that are up and running 24/7 so that you can be notified as soon as something new drops or a random restock happens on any site. You can easily modify your notifications and pick what sites you want to be notified about. Combine this with our quicktask feature for bots such as Cybersole, WopBot, SoleAIO and PD for the optimal checkout success.