Premium One Click Gmail (2014)

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Premium Gmail Accounts.

The accounts will be delivered together with recovery email and security answer for easy recovery in case you need it. Make sure to change all of this once you receive your order to make sure nobody can use your accounts.

Please remember one clicks can also depend on your IP, google won't give you one clicks if you request too many within a short period of time (ex. 10 on each account on 1 drop, this will probably give you a cool down of 1 day before you get more one clicks)

If you're having trouble getting one clicks then I suggest you try to use a residential proxy and try again, because in that case it's most likely your IP. It is not common for these accounts to not get one clicks, it's at the users end. 

To make your accounts work even better and have lower cooldowns you could periodically watch youtube videos on them, like videos and just click around. (Basically, act like a human so that the captcha system gives you a better score)

Captcha info Guide can be found in #guides

Instructional video: