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This is a digital service. By purchasing a membership you'll become part of the AutoSnkr Discord which is a group offered through Discord dedicated to highly increase your chances of securing limited releases. When purchasing, enter the email you want to be associated with your membership. We will send you your invite and instructions to that email.

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Feature List

Site Monitors 

    • Mixed Sites
      • 150+ Sites & More.
      • Filtered restocks.
      • New Items.
      • Smart keyword filtering.
    • Swedish Sites
      • All Major Sites.
      • Filtered restocks.
      • New items.
      • Smart keyword filtering.
    • Supreme
      • Filtered restocks.
      • New items.
    • Nike SNEAKRS
      • Restocks & Drops.
      • Scratch & Shock Drops.
      • Both EU & US.
    • Twitter Monitor
      • Stay updated on bot restocks.
      • Covering all main accounts.
    • Adidas
      • Filtered web restocks.
      • Adidas app monitor.

    Special Features

    • Auto-Checkout Slots (We check out for you)
      • Supreme, Palace, Footlocker.
      • Occasional slots for other sites.
      • Using the most top tier bots.
      • Exclusive info, early links & stock numbers.
      • Accurate stock checker for Adidas products.
      • Sitelists for all sneaker & streetwear drops
      • Release guidance & methods to cop.
      • Drop specific info channels.
      • Group buys for exclusive bots.
      • Free in-house raffle bot.
      • Discounted accounts for Nike.
      • In-house proxy provider discounts.
      • Resell predictions & advice.
      • In-depth sneaker & botting guides.
      • Tools such as ATC generators.
      • Active and responsive staff.
      • 24/7 support with ticket system.
      • Lively and friendly community.