The only group you'll ever need.

Supporting hundreds of sites.

The team of AutoSnkr represents the best swedish sneaker network. Our main goal and full dedication is directed towards helping our members highly increase their chances of securing limited releases with the help of the latest implementations of sneaker purchasing automation.

We offer a monthly subscription based membership, by having an active subscription you'll have full access to all our features and services. We're a group offered through the Discord platform with custom made features by our developer team. This way we're bringing together a close-knit community while offering innovative solutions.

Features we offer include restock monitoring features for hundreds of sneaker sites, detailed release guidance and so much more. During 2019, our member secured over 6000+ sneaker/streetwear items. Member count is limited and kept low at all times.

  • Restock monitoring with instant notification solutions.

  • In-house auto-checkout service for all active members.

  • Early info, bypass methods and various in-depth guides.

  • Auto add-to-cart links to save time when items restock.

  • Ticket support system with 1-on-1 staff to member help.

What separates us from other groups?

The only group of its kind. Offering a wide range of features

 specifically made for Swedish users.

Constant updates and new features.

While constantly maintaining all of our features, we're also always working on bringing new features to the table. This way we can ensure our members keep securing releases even when changes occur.

You can always count on our services.

Our monitors and other features have an almost 100% uptime where we only pause to implement new updates in short periods. At any time of the day, any time of the week, always at your hands.

Around the clock support system.

By having a larger support/staff team, we can provide support to our members at almost any time of the day. As long as a staff member is awake, any questions you might have will be assisted.

Uniquely made features by our own team.

By having our own in-house developer making more than 90% of our features, we can easily make changes when needed. This way we can also ensure that our features stay on top performance wise.

Our success speaks for itself.

We hope this helped you get a better understanding of our service.

Other questions? Don't hesitate!

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